Omg! Simar Of Sasural Simar Ka Turned Into A Fly And It Is Shocking AF


Sasural Simar Ka is one such show that has been giving tough competition to Saath Nibhana Saathiya and all other nonsensical TV shows combined together.


But then the makers thought, why not do something so damn bizarre that will actually put all other TV serial makers to shame. They went on to include every damn idiotic sequence in the show. When icchadhari nagin, an Aatma, Daayan and even an evil Pari (mind you an EVIL Pari) couldn’t give them the goddamn hype, they came up with copying GoT!


Oh and people were not amused even this time because hey, SSK mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai aur hamari Simar kisi bhi mushkil ka saamna kar sakti hai !


After repeated attempts and tries, the makers have come up with the ultimate track and I bet they can’t beat even themselves now!


Confused? Okay, let me show you something. Remember the laptop washing sequence from Saath Nibhana Saathiya? Have a look in case you forgot!

WOW! Nostalgic, ha?

Okay, so let us come back to SSK because Simar just might be somewhere behind you. Or maybe sitting on your nose right now! Don’t look here and there. Watch out for this trailer that has helped SSK turn trending on twitter (FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS)

RIP SSK! You have totally ruined our lives and Simar is probably the most cursed character of all.