15 Puke Worthy Food Pictures Whose WTF Level Is Beyond Imagination


You must have seen awesome food pictures on the internet and in magazines but have you ever clicked a picture of the puke worthy special dish you tried to cook for the first time? Have a look at these pictures and you will never think of cooking food if you aren’t blessed with cooking skills.

1Sh*t! This is supposed to be a pizza 😀

2And this one as well

3Haha! That’s called a classic cheesy pasta

4Take a deep breath after seeing this quesadilla

5Horrible looking nachos

6Tuna salad at its worst

7Eww… vegan cookies!

8Gosh! Garlic bread? Like really?

9Even a crow won’t taste this toast 😀

10Beans when murdered 😀

11LOL! Spaghetti taco!

12Hot dog sandwich in desi style 😀

13Umm… Tacos? I doubt!

14OMG! Cheese board! RIP

15Don’t worry, that’s just tomato sauce spilled on spaghetti 😛