11 Celebrities You Never Noticed Have A Striking Resemblance To Each Other


After looking at the uncanny similarity between these celebrities you will end up believing the fact that we get to hear about the existence of 7 people in the world with the same faces. Have you ever noticed how Paresh Rawal looks similar to PM Modi? Or did you pay heed to the similarity between Ishant Sharma and Zayed Khan? Oh yes! It is tough to believe that these celebrities are not actually related to each other. Watch out these unbelievable pictures.

1Tiger Shroff and Priyanka Vadra

2PM Modi and Paresh Rawal

3Shashi Tharoor and Salman Khan

4Govinda and Barkha Dutt

5Rajkumar Hirani puts on a beard and tada! He is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

6Tiger Shroff and Kareena Kapoor

7Ishant Sharma and Zayed Khan

8Shama Sikander and Priyanka Chopra

9MP Jyotiraditya Scindia and Ali Asgar

10Kumar Vishwas and Barkha Dutt (LOL)

11Venkaiah Naidu and TV actor Rakesh Bedi