10 Hilarious Whatsapp Conversations Between Mom And Children


How do you react when your phone beeps and there’s a message from your mom’s number? 😀 okay, you tend to get irritated but don’t you think the conversation is often very cute. No, I am not trying to offend you any further. If you feel your mom irritates you or annoys you by sending you messages over Whatsapp, have a look at these hilarious Whatsapp conversations between moms and their children. I bet you won’t be able to control your laughter. Well, moms can make us smile anytime, anywhere, isn’t it?

1Because mom can do anything

2Because she hates your phone

3Because she loves comparison

4Because ‘Hi’ 😀

5Because she is over possessive!

6Because she loves her own abbreviations

7Because Indian moms are awwww

8Because mom hates your ‘awara dost’ 😛

9Because she always feels you are talented 😀

10Because she wants to become the Facebook queen